Flight Operations


Our Flight Operation Team ensures that every Flight is performed in the safest and most efficient conditions. Our role is to coordinate all Planning Flight Paths Storms and Turbulence forecasts Airspace restrictions Aircrafts performances Software tools to monitor all flights and the technical conditions and fuel requirements.

Ensure all regulations and operational procedures during the flight are met.

Provide crew briefings on operationals matters.

Provides crew members with up-to-date flight documentaion and flight plans.

Ensure that all regulation and procedures, including flight times are met.

Improve , identify and improve routes.

Provide electronic data for the electronic flight bag.

Ensure a safe and efficient flight plan. Provide air traffic and authorities with updated flight plans.

Maintain daily integrity of the companys flight program.

To resolve any emergency or issues that may arise.

Maintenance a accurate picture of the positions and technical status of all aircrafts.

Provide control, produce, revise and maintain operations manuals that reflect the latest procedures by working with the experts ( Chief Pilot, Quality Assurance, Technical pilots)